3-day hands-on training on OPAL-RT real time simulation software

The Centre of Future Power and Energy Research (CFPER) students successfully completed a 3-day hands-on training on OPAL-RT real time simulation software. The training was conducted by Joshua Woodward, Field Application Engineer at OPAL-RT Technologies.

The training covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to OPAL-RT and real-time simulations.
  • Differences and when to use RT-LAB, ARTEMiS and eFPGAsim.
  • A simple hands-on experiment using OPAL-RT I/O ports to measure analog and digital outputs using an oscilloscope.

Based on the skills and knowledge learnt from the training, the CFPER students continued working on a simple HIL (Hardware in the Loop) implementation. The students, led by Avy Sheina and Uvini Perera, successfully completed a HIL setup for triggering a relay using digital output (DO) and sending a signal back from the relay to the simulation using digital input (DI) to indicate the status of the relay in Opal-RT.

The CFPER students would like to sincerely thank Joshua Woodward for conducting the training and Stuart Little (Field Sales Engineer at Braemac) for organizing it.

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